Lawn and Garden

We carry a selection of both conventional and natural lawn and garden care products. Please visit Scotts page for information on products and application times and guides. Natural Lawn Care page has information on featured products from St.Gabriel, Espoma and a few others.

   We carry a good selection of seeds from Seed Savers Exchange. This non-profit organization is dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom seeds.These seeds are high quality, tried and true passed through generations. Many of the seeds we have are organic, all are non-GMO and open pollinated. You can save your seeds and get a crop come true to the variety for years to come
See your seed starting page for a guide to starting your own seeds.
We carry a supply of quality seed starting products and soilless mixes from Hydrofarm, Espoma, Plantation Products.
Hydrofarm makes waterproof seedling heat mats that raise the temperature 10 degrees above the ambient temperature and allow your seeds to germinate fast instead of rotting in cold soil. They also manufacture light sets and soil additives.
Espoma has a line of quality seed starting mixes, potting soils and fertilizers. Many of their products are organic. The soil mixes contain Mycorrhizae that helps build a stronger root system and grow sturdier plants.
Plantation products manufactures seed trays, peat and coco fiber pots.

We will have a tomato, pepper, eggplant plants available early May.
All the plants were started from seeds obtained from Seed Savers, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds or Glecker Seedmen, all known for carrying good quality open pollinated seeds heirloom seeds and hard to find varieties.
The list of tomato plants we will have available can be found here. Quantities for some varieties are very limited, so please let us know if you would like to reserve specific plants.
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