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Time to Apply Milky Spore

Milky Spore is a proven effective biological control of Japanese beetle grubs. It is a naturally occurring bacterium that can be used on lawns, flower and vegetable gardens.

Milky Spore affects Japanese Beetles in their grub stage.When grubs are feeding, they injest the bacteria and it begins to multiply inside the grub, killing it in 14 days. Once the dead grub decomposes, billions of new bacteria are released into the soil.
Milky spore begins working as soon as you apply it. In colder climates it may take 3-5 years until complete control is achieved. Once established, it can last 15 to 20 years in your soil.
Fertilizers and herbicides will not affect Milky Spore. Chemical grub controls will not harm the bacteria, but thet will slow the rate of spread of the bacteria.

Milky spore is harmless to people, pets, food crops and well water. After application, water Milky Spore into the ground for about 30 minutes. Do not mow before the powder has been watered in. Once applied, Milky Spore is not affected by freezing or heavy rains.
It is best to apply it in the evening, as hot direct sunlight can kill milky spore before it is watered into the ground.
You can apply it once, or for faster results, you can start a grub control program by applying it 3 times a year (spring, summer and fall) for 2 consecutive years.
We stock Milky Spore in 20 lb bags that treat 7000 sq ft area.

Mosquito Beater from Bonide is an all natural mosquito repellent made from cedar oil, citronella, geranium oil and lemon oil. It comes in a very pleasant smelling spray or in as granules and will keep your yard mosquito free for an outside party. 

Bonide says may last up to 14 days. We tested it and had a mosquito free yard for 4 days even in heavy moist shade, until a thunderstorm hit.

You may have to reapply after a heavy rainfall.

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