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Our tomato, eggplant and pepper plants are ready to go. 

List of available tomato, pepper and eggplant varieties can be found on our Plant List.

In addition we have a small selection of summer squash, cucumber and ground cherry plants.

We have a lot of varieties to choose from, but the amount of plants is limited. Shop early or call for availability. 

MULCH 3 FOR $9.99
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Add color to your landscape with Green Thumb red, black or brown mulch.
It acts as a natural weed barrier, manages soil temperature and retains moisture around your plants.

Color is guaranteed for 12 months.

Mulch comes in 2 cu ft bags. You should add 2-3" to new garden beds, 1" to existing beds.
Lawn Care Products, Programs, Rebates

With daffodils about to bloom, it is time to make a decision about your lawn care program for this year.
Scotts Lawn Care Program consists of 4 steps applied throughout the growing season to fall.
Kick off the program with Step 1, that needs to go down to prevent crabgrass from sprouting. 
Scotts is offering rebates for their 4 Step lawn care program, valid until 06/04/17. Choose the program covering 5,000 sq ft or 15,000 sq ft area.

Jonathan Green introduced The New American Lawn program, in addition to their traditional 4 Step program last year. 
The New American Lawn Program is designed to amend your soil as well as feed your lawn over the growing season. If you are fighting weeds, insects and fungus in your lawn year after year, it might be a symptom of poor soil condition. Mag-I-Cal and Love Your Lawn balance your lawn acidity, introduce trace minerals as well as microbes into your soil. 
Program is available covering 5,000 sq ft or 15,000 sq ft. Rebates expire 5/31/17.


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