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2019 Plant List

Quantities are limited. All plants have been grown in Coast of Maine Organic Seed Starting Mix and potted up to 4″ pots in Coast of Maine Organic Potting Soil. Plants are $3.99 each.

Links below are to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, SeedSavers, TomatoFest and Heritage Seed Market that we sourced the seeds from for our plants. 

A very good resource to use when deciding what to grow is also Tatiana’s  Tomatobase.




Big Tomatoes/Beefsteaks
Ananas Noire A great favorite of mine. Very tasty and a good producer.
Andrew Rahart’s Jumbo Red Dense and meaty beefsteaks, around 1 lb with very good flavor. New to me this year.
Brandywine Sudduth’s
Cherokee Purple
Chocolate Stripes Grew very well for us a few years ago. Beautiful tomato and good flavor.
Cuostralee Red beefsteaks, 75-85 days, good production
German Orange Strawberry
Italian Heirloom 80 days, large, red beefsteaks with old fashioned tomato flavor
Japanese Black Trifele Great producer of large purple, slightly pear shaped tomatoes, disease resistant and good flavor too.
Lucky Cross 85-90 days, yellow- red stripe, large beefsteak, excellent flavor
Paul Robeson One of my favorites. Sets fruit at low temperatures, productive, healthy plant with out of this world flavor.
Rebel Yell Pink beefsteaks, 12 oz, sweet flavor, large productive plant. A great favorite of mine.
Medium Tomatoes
Black Prince
Cherokee Tiger
Pale Perfect
Raspberry Lyanna
Early Tomatoes
Cherry/Pear Tomatoes
Anna Aasa Very productive, red cherries, tall, healthy plants
Beam’s Yellow Pear Tremendously productive 1.5″ yellow pear shaped fruit. 70-80 days.
Black Cherry Favorite cherry, productive, sweet and flavorful
Isis Candy Cherry
Purple Bumblebee Pretty striped cherries with purple tomato flavor
Sarah’s Galapagos
Sun Gold Select II
Wee Tang Shebang
Paste Tomatoes
Amish Paste
Dwarf Tomato Project If you want to grow tomatoes in a container, these are it. They will top at 12″-18″ without pruning.
Bendigo Rose
Birdie Rouge
Willa’s Cariboo Rose
Sweet Peppers
Ausilio Thin Skin
Banana Pepper
King of the North
Hot Peppers
Black Hungarian My favorite to use instead of jalapenos. Prolific and very pretty plant
Cayenne Ring of Fire Productive, early, make fermented salsa or dry, make chili powder
Jalapeno Craig’s Grande
Lemon Drop One of my favorites. Hot, citrusy pepper. Good for slicing thinly into sandwiches, also makes the best hot pepper jelly.
Serrano Tampequino Can be used instead of a jalapeno. More productive.
Sugar Rush Peach
Super Hot Peppers
Bhut Jolokia or Ghost Pepper
Caribbean Red Habanero
Carolina Reaper 
Trinidad Scorpion